Operating the Signalex Universal Remote Control

how to enter the device code

you look in the codes list to find the tv, sat or dvd codes for the manufacturer of your device
have the device switched on and the remote control pointed at it from one metre to test your codes

depress and hold any device key
the led will first flicker then hold after four seconds
release the device key and enter an appropriate four-digit Signalex code
if the code is accepted the led goes off
if rejected, the led flickers twice, then stays on to accept another code

automatic code search by device type

this scrolls through all codes for the chosen device type
sat codes are available via the cbl key

have your device switched on and the Signalex Universal Remote Control pointing at it from one metre
hold the tv, vcr, cbl, dvd, sky, tnt or hifi key as required till the led stays on
release the device key
press and release the red power key
the signalex universal remote control will scroll through the codes at two-second intervals
if a correct code is found, the controlled device will switch to standby
immediately press the ok key or any device key to store the code

* here's a trick - if you miss your correct code, quick as you can, press the ok key - restart the search - it starts where it left off - and press the ch- key to reverse the sequence, then catch the correct code